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blue spotted tail | originally by fleet foxes.

at long last, a new song! 

a little while ago, a friend of mine said that she had ripped the audio from the (terrible quality) youtube cover i did of this song so she could listen to it easily, and i thought for that dedication she deserved something better.

this is most definitely my favourite fleet foxes song. once i saw them live and when they played it i think the world stood still for a few minutes. i liked the vibe of the ‘unplugged’ song i recorded/uploaded a few months ago so once more, this song was recorded in one take (save for the harmonies) and with no editing.

i hope you enjoy it!

i have been writing a little bit more so there will be some originals to come, i promise!

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asleep | originally by the smiths.

well, hasn’t it been a while! here is a nice fresh brand new cover for you, recorded just this afternoon.

i am unashamedly one of those people who finds a lot of their music through books and films, so while my love of the smiths was fostered well before ‘the perks of being a wallflower’, the book/film led me to this particular stunning piece of music. 

i think that desperation, whether it be drawn from hope or despair, is a vital aspect of any good song, and this one offers both which makes it doubly good i think. i hope you love listening to it as much as i love playing it.

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learn from my mistakes | by bek sarkoezy.

a new song for you all! i am trying to do a once-a-month thing for you now, so far i haven’t failed.

so i’ve recorded this ‘unplugged’ – just the mic and me (plus a guitar and some clapping and tambourines etc). it was raining outside and i literally scrawled this song down, hoping the sound outside would last long enough in time to record it in the background, which it didn’t but oh well.

however, it reminds me so much of all the (very bad quality) recording i used to do with just a guitar and a laptop when i was 16, and it made me feel so nostalgic and affectionate for music and the beautiful journey it has taken me on. so it’s distorted, a little out of time, quite imperfect but at least it’s raw, and i think that is what music should be sometimes. raw.

enjoy, darlings!

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ne me quitte pas | originally by jacques brel.

bonsoir, lovely listeners. time for a new cover!

if you’ve come to more than one of my gigs in the last year you’ll probably be super sick of this song because i literally refuse to stop performing it. i’m totally in love with it. if you’re bored, i suggest you go look up an english translation of the lyrics.

there’s this part where it talks about going to a place ‘where love will king, where love will be law, where you will reign.’ how simply lovely.

(also i have only been learning french for two years so if my pronunciation is wrong i am so sorry if i have accidentally sworn at you or something.)

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made for you | by bek sarkoezy.

well, hello! it’s been nearly a year.

so i’ve been on a creative/recording hiatus for quite a while for several uninteresting reasons like school etc etc etc, but anyway.

this is a new song.

it’s pretty self-explanatory. many feels etc. there are lots of harmonies so if you like that sort of thing you should press play right away, and then like it and then reblog it too probably.

i’ve missed you!

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i have been super quiet recently and for this i apologise but i have been sadly preoccupied with school and haven’t been able to record much.

however, i’ve been able to secure a few gigs here and there and THIS is one of them!

along with bella hemming, i’m supporting the amazing mckenzie at her show at mars hill cafe on may the 3rd! all the deets can be found here, but fyi tickets are $15 at the door and $10 online (book here) and doors open at 7:30pm.

we would adore it if you came and it’ll be a really fab night so BE THERE!

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a little timber box | by bek sarkoezy.

it has been such a long time since i have been able to record, i am so sorry my dears! school is difficult and taking up too much of my time, but i will not bore you with my woes.

here is a brand new original! it is short and a little silly but if it makes you happy or something like that, it has done its duty. do enjoy!

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so, my music fan page on facebook is v. v. close to 200 likes! i would love it infinitely if you helped me out and clicked like please and please and please.

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the reminder | originally by mumford & sons.

i haven’t recorded with the mandolin for ages, so i thought i might as well. this is perhaps my favourite mumford & sons song.

this might be the last recorded song for a little while - i’m about to start my final year of schooling and it will naturally swallow up my life and everything i hold dear, but hey! this year and next year hold exciting festival, recording and gig opportunities, so stick around!

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flume | originally by bon iver.

so i went to a recording studio today, and after i got home i felt a little inspired. i covered this song ages and thought it was about time to do it again with better equipment etc etc. i hope you like reverb! this sounds best if you listen to it with headphones. do enjoy.

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